2getherments @ Miyapur, Hyderabad

1st ever 2getherments designed to accommodate the needs and aspirations of our Hyderabadi families

At 2getherments Miyapur we wanted to give families the one vital thing that we found they need but do not have enough of; quality family time. Families, on better days, had a couple of hours in the morning before they left to work and a couple of hours when they returned home.

In order for them to make the best of these quality hours, they needed to communicate in open 2getherments is designed for each member of your family spaces with fewer walls to separate them. At 2getherments, our endeavour is to create ‘Time-earning Habitats’.

Our (your) homes are designed in such a way that everybody is visible and audible to one another. Additionally, the seamless architecture ensures that they have enough space to hang out together while watching television or listening to music or working or just doing things they love collectively and individually.

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