India's 1st Ever 2getherments

KSR’s Togetherments stands as a testimony for empathic user experience. Intensive research has resulted in zeroing in on the prime locality, Miyapur, the emerging hub of modern spaces of living and work.

Facilities that you can reach within minutes

By bringing facilities like games rooms, sports courts, amphitheatres, swimming pool etc within the vertical building, we have made these accessible to every family member.

Designed for the social human being

These homes are user-centric, socially-designed with a high degree of eco-sensitivity. The spaces are designed for active community living, while providing privacy to the individual homes.

Inter-generational mingling


Accessible amenities


Collaboration spaces




Meet the team

Meet the brains behind the innovative architectural design

What is a time-earning habitat?

The homes at 2gTula are designed to help you earn time everyday, through the functional design. Just another thoughtful design to help families balance a lot every day in today's challenging times.