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What Active Seniors get at 2gTula

Whether it’s enjoying chai after the morning walk, or catching up with friends regarding favorite shows and activities, or comfortably […]

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What working couples get at 2gTula

At 2getherments, home design is empathic to the needs of working families. Whether it’s having a cuppa together, chatting up […]

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Forget WFH and embrace WFC

Work from Community with state-of-the-art co-working spaces at 2g Tula. It gets impossible at times to focus on work from […]

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The experience and needs of the user guided our home design

Each 2g home was designed keeping the end user in mind At 2getherments we know that if we need to […]

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Bridging the generational gap

The concept of “non-familial intergenerational interactions” is centered around the seemingly simple idea that old and young can bring new […]

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Can we blend nuclear and joint family values?

The answer lies in a community lifestyle which existed a few decades ago when people believed and lived by the […]

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Collective parenting

Nurturing future generations together Fundamental principles of parenting are essentially the same irrespective of where you belong to, what you […]

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2getherments – A new Indian typology in vertical living

2getherments is a unique ‘VERTICAL LIVING HABITAT’ designed to bring back the benefits of community living with the comforts and […]

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Cities bursting at their seams

Cities across India have grown exponentially in the last 50 years. What happens in the next 30 years will determine […]

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Homes that help you everyday

Your pain points and needs will be addressed by your 2g home We began, as we begin all our projects, […]

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Strong value system is our true foundation

Our developer expertise comes from our experience as Lahari Constructions, which is a 30-year-old organization with over 70+ projects. Our […]

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2getherments @ Miyapur, Hyderabad

1st ever 2getherments designed to accommodate the needs and aspirations of our Hyderabadi families At 2getherments Miyapur we wanted to […]

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Elephants are empaths

Research on elephants is full of examples of the animals apparently behaving empathetically recognizing and responding to another elephant’s pain […]

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From the founder’s desk

We know that if we need to create a remarkable home for people, we need to understand the user experience. […]

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Senior living, Whitefield
Bottle full of grandmother’s love

Can we ever forget the taste of the first morsel of hot steaming rice mixed with that delectable rich red […]

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The story lives on

Knowledge transfer across generations is important for our civilisation While the Western cultures documented their findings, Indians have always believed […]

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Grow your own food. Apartments at Hoodi
Healthy for the body. Healthy for the soul .

Our dependence on the finite resources of this planet is alarmingly high and we should all take immediate steps to […]

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A disappearing lifestyle: Horizontal living

As children, we grew up with many parents. Our neighbours fed us when our parents were not home, our homework […]

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Urban living: Vertical Communities

Apartments and gated vertical communities have solved some problems but might have created more.

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