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Frequently asked questions about 2g

700+ families have already adopted the 2g lifestyle at Hyderabad. As 2g comes to Bangalore, here are some questions you may have.

1. What does '2g' stand for?

2g means Together. These are not ‘apart’ments, since conventional apartments are not designed properly to encourage social living. 2getherments are designed to bring people together. More than ever before in any time in history, people are wanting to work, play and interact together in the safe environs of their community. 2getherments is designed for this new normal.

2. Has a 2getherments been built before?

2getherments at Miyapur, Hyderabad is the first ever 2getherments in the country. The project is at an advanced stage and is a few months away from handover. It is almost completely sold out.

3. What is the design philosophy?

We wanted to make everyday living easy for our urbanites. We wanted to snatch and give back time to urban families, so they can indulge in the act of joyful living.  is intention evolved into 2getherments.  is new community is focused on community building and engaged active living. We believe this community will set the new standard for vertical living in Indian cities.

4. Were there any challenges in designing?

User Research. This was done over several years and across projects to understand how Indian families use and occupy their spaces. We found out that this varies from state to state. We also had to deep dive and understand how families and individual members store, retrieve, use and replace objects/artifacts in their homes.  The learnings were an outcome of home visits, detailed surveys & questionnaires, user interviews as well as decades of collective experience in designing residential homes and communities.

5. What makes 2g Hoodi unique?

At its core, 2g places families in the center and organises Real Estate, Apt Conveniences, Wellbeing (at individual, family and social-levels) and Sustainability Infrastructure around those families. These factors help create a good neighbourhood with anchored residents. Such neighbourhoods have historically seen growth in property values. So, we believe living in 2g properties is win-win for the family, their neighbours as well as their wallet.

6. Tell us about the location

Hoodi has the best of many worlds Cosmopolitan locale Thrive 2gether at Hoodi since it is at the juncture of a host of different activities, locations and events. Hoodi has elaborate high street shopping locations such as Forum Neighbourhood Mall, Phoenix Marketcity and Forum Value Mall located nearby. Phoenix Marketcity is a landmark establishment in the city with a mix of great food, events, pubs and luxury retail all balled into one space.  The Sathya Sai Multispeciality Hospital located about 3KM away is a thriving centre of medical professionals who are renowned for their standard of care.

7. How much can my home be configured?

Flexibility is the core philosophy of the home design. At the heart of the living space is a flexible space, which can be converted to a larger living room, a study, an extra hobby room or an extra bedroom. The possibilities are limitless.

8. What is the process of configuration?

At the time of booking, our customer success representative will help take down your requirements and run you through the process.

9. How close are the features to my residence?

There are two x 2g areas. These are features vertically stacked within the towers. You can just walk out of your home and into any feature on your floor in less than 2 minutes. For other floors, you can easily access them via the elevators.

10. How do I choose my home location?

Choosing your home within the community depends on your needs. If you want easy accessibility to the features, choose any of the homes near the 2g areas.

11. Do you have sustainability features in the project?

This project is designed on core sustainability principles. Right from growing and consuming your own vegetables to rainwater conservation and waste management, there are plenty of features around sustainable living in this project.

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