Forget WFH and embrace WFC

Work from Community with state-of-the-art co-working spaces at 2g Tula.

It gets impossible at times to focus on work from home. Especially since the pandemic started and work from home has become the norm. Imagine this; you have an extremely important work call about to start but that is the exact moment when your son and his friend decide to watch a football match and your wife decides to have a video call with her cousins since she has wrapped up her work early.

Your concentration goes away in seconds. To add to this situation, there is always some chore that needs to be done when you are at home. All this adds to the problem of you not not getting uninterrupted time to focus! At 2g Tula, we are aware of these problems of the modern working Bangalore urbanite and have created thoughtful solutions to solve this problem in the safest manner possible.

We have created over 50 co-working spaces within the community itself. At 2g Tula, you can work out of the co-working spaces without risking the safety of your family as the workspaces are accessible only to residents. Your children will also get the opportunity to enjoy their time at home without worrying about the possibility of disturbing you.

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