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We began, as we begin all our projects, by research. We spoke to numerous families in Hyderabad, Bangalore and other metro cities of India. We started by speaking to couples in the double-income segment. We asked – ‘what would your ideal solution be for a home?’ And we got very interesting answers.

Some of them said that they need an A/C in the kitchen because they cook at times after getting dressed. Also, most of these couples accumulated items over time. For example, they had at least about 20 pairs of shoes and they needed a place to store them. Another problem that people spoke about is the stress faced by domestic help. Considering the fact that modern households depend on loyal domestic staff, it was imperative to look at their comfort as well.

One of the key realizations of our research was that one of the most precious commodities in the lives of the working couple was quality time.

They had just about two hours of free time in the morning and two in the evening. These four hours were cannibalized by petty things that monopolised their attention. So if we could create and convert these four hours into superior quality time then we would have achieved the objective of delivering a solution. For example, many of them felt that hanging washed clothes in the balcony was an ugly option. So we created a contraption from where the clothesline comes down when there is a need and goes back up once you’re done with drying the clothes.

Team 2g interviewed over 300 families, and spent over 100,000 man hours to understand the home needs of each category of our users.

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