Strong value system is our true foundation

Our developer expertise comes from our experience as Lahari Constructions, which is a 30-year-old organization with over 70+ projects.

Our design expertise comes from our experience as FHD Group, which is a 25-year-old organization with over 800+ design projects and 100+ ongoing projects. As a combination of designers and now developers, we are uniquely situated to take advantage of our cross-functional expertise.

We’ve been able to achieve what we did because we are a purpose-driven organization. Our core values are F.A.C.E.

We’ve developed both in-house design and development frameworks that help us critically think and aptly solve any complex problem that Indian cities face. With our experience, we are equipped with strategic insight on how to transform mainstream real-estate apartments into co-created communities.

We’ve achieved that with 2getherments that are suitable for India’s Working Couple and Active Senior families. We believe that busy Indian urbanites need housing solutions that satisfy their aspirational goals and are scalable to accommodate increasing demand. We believe that designing and building these communities called 2getherments requires expert design thinking and a strong understanding of the problems faced by Indian families and the right solutions for those problems.

Our core values (F.A.C.E)


Our building costs aren’t inflated with unnecessary frills. Rather, we invest in what adds value to the end-users.


A house could have many features, but we only care about the ones you actually use. The design has evolved, keeping in mind an urban family’s real needs.


2getherments was made in India, by Indians, for Indians with a deep & respectful understanding of cultural habits and needs.


A house is merely a building without its people. 2getherments aims to be the place where your real needs are addressed and you feel that you can root in this new neighbourhood.

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