The experience and needs of the user guided our home design

Each 2g home was designed keeping the end user in mind

At 2getherments we know that if we need to create a remarkable home for people, we need to understand the user experience. We also understand that our aim was to go beyond in creating the user experience. Our focus was to ensure that we create the right kind of customer journeys.


The goal of the UX designer is to make users effective. It has to result in some key outcome. And the outcome could be enhancing the feel good factor, it could be saving time. It could be making life easier. So we understood that the user experience is just the tip of the iceberg. It was very clear that the first and foremost aspect of doing UX actually meant studying the entire process of the individual’s experience and their subjective opinion of their life’s situation.


At 2getherments we did this by understanding that one of our core audiences is the double income working couple, where both the husband and wife are working quite possibly in an IT company. They are young. They have a kid or two and they are busy. They are living in nuclear families. Their parents come once in a while to stay with them but most of the time they are alone, and they are battling both their career and also balancing their life. And so they need a whole lot of conveniences which are typically not provided by most builders because builders look at creating what they think is the happiness quotient.


Happiness quotient according to most builders could be beautiful granite flooring or maybe two or more additional facilities in the Club House, or it could be beautiful glass facades in the balcony. But these are only surface happiness creators because they are just skimming the surface. They are not going really deeper in terms of understanding what are the user needs and how do we build and measure those solutions in the real world to see if they actually work.


We spoke to about 250 people who were all double income couples, most of them working in IT companies and they had a couple of kids. The results that emerged from this detailed survey and interactions with young couples, some of whom were parents and some yet to be, taught us invaluable lessons we incorporated in every area of 2getherments.


One of the critical aspects of UX design is to understand psychology. A user’s mind is complex. So we realized that we need to understand subjective thoughts and feelings a lot. And so some of the questions that we asked were: What is the users’ motivation to be here in the place? How does this make them feel? So they said that if the maid feels happier, if the maid feels in control of the situation, then their own sense of well-being is going to be far better.


One of the vital factors, we found in our research, that was sorely missing in the lives of couples, is their time together and with their family. They probably, on better days, had a couple of hours in the morning before they left to work and a couple of hours when they returned home. In order for them to make the best of these quality hours, they needed to communicate in open spaces with fewer walls to separate them. At 2getherments, our endeavour is to create Time Earning Habitats. Our (Your) homes are designed in such a way that everybody is visible and audible to one another. Additionally, the seamless architecture ensures that they have enough space to hang out together while watching television or listening to music or working or just doing things they love collectively and individually.

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