Urban living: Vertical Communities

Apartments and gated vertical communities have solved some problems but might have created more.

At 2getherments vertical living has been planned keeping the ‘community living’ angle in mind. Here the entire complex is your home, or an extension of your home. You can open your door and step right into your badminton game or watch your children play cricket with their friends. We have designed 2getherments to build a vibrant community while keeping in mind the needs of urban Indians. Earlier, an entire area (neighbourhood) could live in harmony as a community.

However, with an increase in urbanisation, this has changed drastically. In a vertical community like 2getherments, you can enjoy the company of your friends, family and neighbours, while engaging in countless activities, without a worry in the world. In a vertical community, the clubhouse, the activity zones and the gardens are not isolated spaces located in godforsaken corners of the society, but rather spaces that one walks through and uses everyday while simply using our homes.

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